The Story

We are the Mystic* Makers. We are two, full-time Artist who fell in love, shared a Dream, and dared to follow it. Driven by Our passion for love, artistic freedom, and purpose, We discovered Mystic.

On the surface, Mystic is an APP. In practice, it is an Experience. Whether You find Yourself on a beach, mountain top, or city street, Mystic serves to help unveil the Infinite treasures, that Life freely gives.

Regardless, if You buy Mystic* or not, know ONE THING: You are here for a reason. And if You don't know it already, We dare you to find out what it is.

Have fun. Explore. Learn more.
LOVE, The Mystic* Makers!

PS. Yeah, You can add text, textures, frames, lights, colors……… elephants, tigers, bears, and a few flying buffalos too. Enjoy.

Special Thanks...

We'd like to thank The Creator (for our existence, our talents, and each other), our parents (for the gift of life and carrying us this far), our families (for all their love), and last but not least, the Wakehams (for their unwavering support and help in this journey)


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